For some strange reason I agreed to driving to Ohio with my girlfriend, her father, and his girlfriend. I,ve been sitting in the car with them for an hour and a half now and I haven’t wished i could smoke more ever in my life.

Thank god for my tablet, my phone, and my iPod. If not for them I’d surely be going crazy from the constant christian music being pumped through the radio, her fathers girlfriends constant complaints, and the fact that my girlfriend has decided to fall asleep on my lap effectively numbing my leg completely.

Fredrick Chopin can’t even pull me away from it enough to not want to kill myself. It seems like every time I think I’m going to be able to survive life without a joint i get thrown into a situation that makes me want one even more.

I finally got my first probation date which makes this weekend even more enjoyable now that I have that to think about this whole weekend. I really just hope I get a cool, laid back probation officer if such a thing even exists. Maybe I’ll get one who understands my situation and that I’m not some kind of criminal and doesn’t piss test me constantly and without warning. I can only hope for the best I guess, but with my luck I’ll probably get the worst probabtion officer ever.